Full List of Accessories for Spectra Breast Pumps

There are two ways to assemble accessories for Spectra pumps: use original accessories or switch to Maymom Spectra accessories.

Original accessories:

Here is a full list of Spectra Breast Pump accessories.  

So you will need:

  1. Backflow Protector (2 pack)
  2. Breast shields (2-pack) - choose your size
  3. Tubing (2 pack)
  4. Valves (2 pack)
  5. T-connector (1-pack) - for M1 only

You will also need Spectra bottles to pump into:

You can also use Avent bottles.

If your nipple size is 28mm, you can also buy a full list of these accessories as a single set:

Maymom accessories:

Customers choose to switch to Maymom accessories because Maymom offers a wider range of breast shield sizes and also because Maymom uses better quality plastic (compared to Spectra).

Here is what you will need:

  1. Two of Maymom Spectra breast shields:
  2. Backflow protectors (2-pack): either Spectra's or Maymom's
  3. This valves and membrane set: Alternatively, you can also use Medela valves and membranes:
  4. Original Spectra Tubing (2-pack):
  5. Original Spectra T-connector:
  6. Narrow neck bottles to pump into. We offer a wide Medela range of these, here are some examples:




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