Jujube Warranty

Jujube Warranty Policy: 

The local warranty centre for Ju-Ju-Be will replace manufacturer’s defects within the first ninety (90) days from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer. The warranty policy is valid for the original purchaser only. We do not honor print placement requests on returned/exchanged or defective replacement items. Note that all defective items need to be approved by Jujube and an exchange will be done if the item is deemed to be defective. Refund will be in store credits if a replacement for the original item is not available after the bag is returned to JJB Warranty centre at Sim's Drive within 14 working days.

Jujube Local Warranty Centre

Jujube warranty centre is located at:

601 Sims Drive, Pan-I Complex,
Singapore 387382
Tel: (65) 6831 5020
Operating Hours: Weekdays with the exception of public holidays (10am – 5pm), avoid lunch time (12:30pm – 2pm)

You would have to call to arrange an appointment before going down. After hours, you can email at to fix an appointment for servicing.

What the warranty covers

Standard Jujube warranty terms do not cover wear and tear.

Scratches on metal hardware, loose/excess threads and stains/glue marks are generally not considered defective by Jujube but can be accepted back under Pupsik's 30 Day Return Policy if the bag is new, unused and returned to us in the original plastic packaging and tags.

Examples of Wear and Tear not covered by warranty (includes but is not limited to):

  • Scratches on the outside of the bag from dragging, rubbing, or normal everyday use
  • Dirty spots or splotches
  • Dislodged gems from the zipper pulls
  • Changing pads and bags that are washed and not dried thoroughly and begin to mildew
  • Milk or other fluids that spill and are not cleaned immediately and thoroughly and begin to smell
  • Natural breakdown of materials
  • Accidents
  • Excessive zipper wear (dislodged bling or zipper tabs)
  • Rips and Tears 
  • Fading (this includes UV damage).
  • Damage (including color bleeding) resulting from improper washing, drying or the use of improper detergents. For tips on washing or general care for your bag, please see

Defect on Arrival

In the event a defect is reported within 7 days of receipt, the customer is required to contact Pupsik Customer Service and provide a detailed description of the defect, as well as clear pictures for our assessment. In the event the defect is not clear from the pictures provided, the owner is required to send the bag to us at the address below:


Please download the Returns Form from our returns page and include it with your bag.

Examples of Manufacturer’s Defect (noticed and report to us within 7 days of receiving the product.):

  • Broken zippers, zippers that will not open or close properly, zipper pulls that are not attached
  • Unsewn sewn seams
  • Missing parts

Please contact us immediately (within 7 days) if your product falls under the above. We will arrange for a replacement as long as the product is new, unused and in original packaging and tags.

Warranty FAQ’s

Will Ju-Ju-Be local warranty centre repair or replace the product?

The first option with the warranty centre is always to repair the product if it is covered within the 3 months warranty. If it is not repairable, the local warranty centre will take in your defective bag and reach out to us. We will then offer a replacement or a store credit for the purchase within 14 working days. Please understand we may be out of stock or no longer carry that particular product style or print, and will do everything possible to replace the bag with the closest possible style.

Are rips and tears covered under the warranty?

No, rips and tears in the actual fabric, or fabric of zippers, are not covered under warranty. Even though our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, and are well taken care of by the owner; normal wear and tear, as well as unforeseen accidents are unavoidable.

Who pays for shipping?

The customer pays the shipping charges to send and collect products sent to the Warranty Centre. Shipping charges for all repairs are at the owner’s expense.

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