Why is my store credit less than the value of the returned product

Returns are not entitled to our Free Shipping policy.

  1. If your original order incurred a shipping fee, the full value of the returned items will be refunded (the shipping fee will not be refunded).
  2. If your original order was sent with Free Shipping, if the remaining value of the order (after deducting the value of returned items) still exceeds S$60, then the full value of returned items will be deducted. Otherwise, Pupsik Studio will deduct a shipping fee ($8 for bulky items above 2kg and $4.90 for all small items) from the value of the items returned when issuing an in-store credit.

For example, if you purchased a bulky item for $90 in our store and it was shipped to you for free, you will be credited $90 - $8 = $82 (store credit) if you choose to return the item to us.

If you purchase item A ($35) and B ($40) from our store, you will not be changed for the delivery fee on your original order as it is above $60. However, if you choose to return item A ($35) to us, this means that Free Shipping would not apply on your original order. You will get a store credit of $35 - $4.90 (original shipping fee) = $30.10.

More information please visit our Return Policy page.


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