How to use Gift Vouchers?

If you received a gift voucher code from a friend, there are two ways that you can redeem it.

Redeem Gift Card via your Shopping Cart. 

  1. Click on Gift Cards
  2. Input Gift Card code
  3. Click to see the balance and/or apply code

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If you have forgotten to input your gift code via your shopping cart. Fret not. The second way allows you to apply code at the checkout page.

Redeem Gift Card at Checkout Page

  1. Click on Apply Gift Card in the Review and Payments page at Checkout.
  2. Input the Gift Card details.
  3. Now you can check the balance of the gift card and/or apply it to your order.

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Pupsik gift voucher codes can be used partially, allowing you to split the balance across multiple orders. Once a gift code is applied, any unused balance will remain within the code for future use, following the same procedure.



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