How to add items to gift registry and share it with my friends


What is a gift registry?

A gift registry is a sort of wish list where one compiles a list of items they wish to receive and then distribute to their friends and families. A registry can be very convenient as it reduces the hassle of brainstorming which gift to get you, offers alternatives and also prevents guests from double buying.

At Pupsik, you can easily create your own gift registry and send it to your families and friends. Your invitees will receive an email with an invitation link allowing them to purchase the items on the list, from our website! Once an item has been fulfilled, it will be reflected for all the invitees so there will be no double gifts!

How to use Gift Registry?

Here are 5 quick and easy steps to guide you on how to use our gift registry!

Step 1: Create a Gift Registry

Simply scroll down to the bottom of your homepage and find Gift Registry under Customer Support. Click on Add New and Select the type of gift registry you want to create. Next, input the details of your gift registry and hit the save button at the end!



Step 2: Select the items you want and add it to your cart

Choose the items that you want to add to your gift registry and simply add it to cart! Click on “View and Edit Cart” when you are done.



Step 3: Add items from cart to your Gift Registry

From your cart page, select the gift registry that you wish to add the items to. Next click on “Add All to Gift Registry”. Your items are now added to the respective Gift Registry!



Step 4: Share your Gift Registry to your friends!

Go back to the Gift Registry page and click on “Share” beside your selected Gift Registry Event. Then, you can customize your message to your invitees and add their names and email addresses! Hit “Share Gift Registry”. Ta-Daa! Your friends and families will now receive an email from us with an invitation link to your Gift Registry!



Step 5: Invitees can now purchase items through your link.

Invitees will receive an email with the registry link. They will be directed to the gift registry page where they can select quantity of the item that you chose and add to cart.  Please note that your invitees have to buy from the registry link directly in order for the fulfilled quantity to be reflected.   





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