Connecting to new Pupsik website with Social Connectors (FB, Google)

if you used to login to Pupsik older site (before June 30, 2021) with a social (FB, Google) connector, you can make same connection work on the new website using the following steps:

  • If you always logged in using a social connector and never created a password for our website, please create one now using "Forgot Your Password" link. Just enter your email (same as email on your social/our website account) and press on "Reset My Password" Button (see below). Then follow instructions in the email to set the password. If you already have password, skip to next step.


  • Login into your Pupsik account with username (email) and password
  • Go to My Account and click on "My Social Accounts" menu option. Here is the direct link.
  • Click on "Link Facebook Account" or "Link Google Account" or both.


  • Your social account will be linked and you will see a page that looks like this:


  • You are now all set! Next time you login, you can just click on Social Connector login button and you will be automatically logged in without a need to enter username and password!
  • Note that you can unlink your social account at any time by pressing on Unlink button.


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